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An Eye for Detail or Finishing Touches by marygilliatt
Mary Gilliatt: An eye for Detail

Photo: Mary Gilliatt's Home Comforts with Style

An eye for detail is the factor that lifts competent decoration to the memorable level and, as such, it should clearly be cultivated.  It is the ability to choose, place and arrange objects in a compelling way, grouping them so that they are seen to their best advantage. It is a feel for balance; the juxtaposition of texture and color; form and scale; height and width; solidity and lightness.

Equally, it is knowing what architectural elements to use with what style; how to make subtle variations on one color; what to light or highlight and what to leave; when to spoof and when to stop. It embraces humor in decoration; the sympathetic hanging of paintings and prints, photographs or posters or any other wall decoration. It is getting curtains and tablecloths to puddle on the floor to exactly the right extent; trims to be just right along with hardware. But above all, it is the gift for making personal, idiosyncratic touches to the completed framework of a room, the feeling for detail that makes all the difference. And although some people are born with an instinctive ability to dress a room exactly so; to make whatever they do to their own environment seem interesting and out of the ordinary, this ability, like a true sense of color, can be gradually acquired with the diligent study of rooms that particularly appeal to you and with a proper analysis of why they do so.

Mary Gilliatt: An Eye for Detail

Photo: Mary Gilliatt's Home Comforts with Style

If well-chosen and well-cared for furniture and soft furnishings are what make a room habitable, comfortable and easy on the eye, accessories and objects are the embellishments and elements that give it personality. But for a truly personal room, the objects must be personal too; they must be liked for their own sake, thought about carefully, collected or put together for some real reason, whether sentimental or aesthetic, not just any old thing chosen quickly to fill a space, or because some particular accessory is in style at the moment.

Mary Gilliatt: An Eye for Detail

Photo: Mary Gilliatt's Home Comforts with Style

Mary Gilliatt: An Eye for Detail

Photo: Bedrooms by Mary Gilliatt

A Sense of Balance

Lastly, always bear in mind the importance of balance. Repeat the same color here and there in a room. The color of a chair at one end can be repeated in a painting or pillows at the other. Colors in patterned ceramic lamp bases can be picked up in a plain ceramic lamp somewhere else. The tones in a painting can be echoed in a rug, or fabric or a particular wood or flowers. These are all small details but it is they that give the finishing touches.


International Designer Mary Gilliatt


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