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How to Display Art by marygilliatt
June 17, 2010, 1:47 pm
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Mary Gilliatt: How to Display Art

Photo: Bedrooms by Mary Gilliatt

There are varied schools on hanging art just as there are on displaying objects

On the whole they are divided into those who want to make room for their serious collections, and those who want to use their wall space to its most decorative advantage. Those of the first school are always thinking of a wall as a means to an end – a support, a background – and moving paintings around as their collections expand or contract and their interests digress.  But the second group, who are thinking more of their walls, need to find some unifying factor for their different and often less distinguished possessions.

Mary Gilliatt: How to Display Art

Photo: Bedrooms by Mary Gilliatt

A miscellaneous set of nondescript prints for example, can be given a unity they would otherwise lack if each one is matted with the same distinctive color – buff, or deep green, or crimson or terracotta – whatever fits in with the room – and edged with a thin strip of chrome or brass or wood. Again, an oddly assorted group of works of various subjects and sizes will have a unity of their own if they share a predominant color – all sepia tints, perhaps, or all black and white.   In any case try not to hang things too high, or too far apart.  When there is a large grouping, keep at least the central pieces at eye-level.  Vertical arrangements will make a room seem taller, just as horizontal arrangements will make them seem wider or longer.  If a wall is strongly patterned, it is best to mount prints or drawings on very deep mattes so that the subject is becalmed in an area of its own and does not get lost in the surrounding background.

Mary Gilliatt: How to Display Art

Photo: Bedrooms by Mary Gilliatt

Juggle different sizes of pictures around on the floor beneath the chosen wall to find an arrangement that works best with other arrangements in the room, or with the space available, and mark out the area on the wall with an impermanent marker before banging in hooks.

What are some of your favorite art-hanging tricks?


International Designer Mary Gilliatt


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